Anarchist Book Fair – Manila, CA

Proper Tea is Theft


This was the beginning of a 16 hour, 3 event tea serving day. Whew, exhausting… I was actually surprised at how few people at this fair came to drank tea. I thought that of all people, it would be anarchists that understood best what I am doing – bottom up, grassroots, no permission from above, sharing of the wealth, while creating community and consciously expressing what I have to offer to the whole. But no, probably less than two dozen people showed during the few hours Edna and I were there, which is fine, as sometimes I think I am spoiled with the greater amount of people that usually show up at tea parties. Having less people actually helps me get to know individuals better and provides a more intimate space for people who do come. So cheers to that!

It was a good mellow beginning for the rest of the day, which included Arts Alive in Eureka, and Galactivation in Arcata. We didn’t stop drinking tea ‘till 3 am… I think that may be the latest tea party yet…


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