Miracle at Wabash and Union – Eureka, CA

Looking out at the Miracle

One year ago I was on the Free section of Craig’s List when I noticed a discussion starting about an evident prankster. Someone had posted an ad stating that there was free food and clothes for needy people and families at Wabash and Union on Christmas. Several people had gone to that intersection only to find that there were none of the promises awaiting them. Instead they found an empty lot. After posting their findings on Craig’s List, several people decided that this prank should be turned into reality. Within hours several Craig’s List surfers had organized food, clothes, and toys for people. This year one of those Craig’s List surfers, a woman named Helyn, brought the event back – this time more organized, bigger, and with more food, toys, clothes, and fun…

Sara sips tea

My friend Sara and I arrived later than expected as Edna had lost her brakes due to a small cylinder leak and we had to quickly bleed her brakes. It was a hectic day, but once we got set up, it was good. A couple hundred people came through for food, toys, clothes, face-painting, and tea. ‘

This was the first place we ever used disposable tea cups. My conscience has always told me to use reusable cups. This is for two reasons: one, because it is better for the environment, and two, because it encourages people to stay for a while while they sip. I thought I would be serving a massive amount of people, so I bought a few hundred cups (made from recycled paper). We didn’t even go through a tenth of them, so I was disappointed that I didn’t just use regular cups… At least now I have them and can use them if ever needed, but it really just reinforces the idea that I should come equipped with massive amounts of reusable cups. I can’t wait until my water/sink/wastewater system is installed. It will make it a lot easier to wash.

The event

Face painting

A unicyclist juggler

This guy was great

Free clothes

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