Front End Work – Nevada City, CA

Gregory enjoys tea while overlooking Nevada City

In the early evening we rolled into Nevada City, a place I’ve never been. I was blown away. Wow, this town is awesome! It’s in the heart of gold country and is probably one of the most well preserved towns of its era. An evening tea party proved successful, with lots of good people showing their faces and sipping tea.

The workspace

My friend Gregory invited me to come visit his folks place and fix a king pin that needed replacing. I figured I’d do my front brake pads too, which were getting pretty thin, as well as my radius arm bushings and a tie rod. But, as we got deeper into things, it became apparent that I needed new calipers and rotors too. We spent three days working on the bus – even repacking the front bearings. King pins are a pain, and even though we were going to replace both, we could only get the bad one out. I think I will try to replace the other one soon. This all came about because I wanted to get my alignment done in the Bay. I’d had some steering issues, and a pull to one side (before I switched the front wheels).

I also installed a transmission temperature sensor. This is great. I installed it inline where the transmission sends hot fluid to the radiator. I go the gauge and the sensor (they’re attached to each other via a wire) from a mechanic who was going out of business for a couple bucks, already had a brass tee, and bought $10 in fitting. And BAM – a $12 transmission temp sensor. Score!

Tea party in Nevada City

I stopped in Nevada City to see a couple friends and fix a few things on Edna, but ended up falling in love with the place. My friend Suzette lives on a goat/food farm, which was a great place to relax for an evening and snuggle with baby goats. The rivers are excellent, I hear. When can I go back?

A BIG ol’ thanks to Gregory and his family for all their help and a place to work on the bus.



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