The Free Farm Stand – San Francisco, CA

The Free Farm Stand

With an invitation from Tree, the Free Farm Stand’s operator, my friend Sara and I headed over to Parque Niños Unidos. We couldn’t find parking at the park, which ended up great, as Tree had a spot for us to serve in the Park, right there amongst the people and next to the stand.

The Free Farm Stand provides free local and organic produce, seedlings, farm advice, etc. to low income people and families. They set up every Sunday at Parque Niños Unidos (Treat Ave and 23rd St.) in the Mission District of San Francisco handing out food that is left over from farmers’ markets, home gardens, and the community garden, which is located in the park.

Tree in the community garden

Our tea went real fast, especially because it was iced. I had to re-up by taking some local herbs that Tree gave us (chocolate mint, orange mint, lemon verbena) back to the bus to brew up.  I added some local honey that Tree also gifted us, and the people loved it. We also sliced some of the bread that the stand was giving out to eat with Apricot Jam made with apricots from last week’s stand.

A good man, Tree is… and similar passions we share. Whereas it is tea for me, it is food for him. Although, I think that the reason we share so much is that it is not in the physical object that the value lies to us, but rather in the ideas and ideals that the food and tea represent… and it’s all for free.

Free tea

Free produce

Free Farm Stand flyer

Free bread

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