Touch-a-Truck – Friday Harbor Elementary – WA

Touch-a-Truck - a success!

My friend Jason from Island Rec invited Edna and I to participate in an Event called Touch-a-Truck. Every year Island Rec brings all sorts of fire trucks, police cars, dump trucks, ambulances, and other cool vehicles to my old elementary school. As Jason put it, “Edna Lu — bio-diesel bus/home on wheels/traveling free tea sanctuary — would make a very unique & interesting addition.” And it was…

Touch-a-Truck at Friday Harbor Elementary School

Kids get to climb on/in vehicles, honk horns, and generally cause mischief. I like it! I made sure hide any pocket knives, sharp tools, and lighters, and sure enough, kids were climbing on every bench, opening every cabinet, and honking both my horns. It was a blast. Hot peppermint or cold lemon tea was on the menu.

I was parked outside my fifth grade classroom window and even ran into old teacher, as well as several of my old classmates who now have kids. Kids always ask the best questions about the tea bus, but many parents were equally interested. Some kids wouldn’t leave. To them it was the best place to spend the wet afternoon. I don’t blame them…


Free Hot Dog Caboose!

Tea Party!

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