Tag: Bellingham

  • Back to School – Portland, OR

      After such success in Bellingham at Western Washington University, I decided that it would be fun to serve tea at more college campuses. College age people are eager to learn, eager to see what lies beyond the bounds that older folks have laid out for them to operate within. My buddy Owen has a…

  • Vaudevillingham – Bellingham, WA

    What a great last event to do in Bellingham. Hosted monthly at the CirqueLab, this event brings out the best of variety entertainment from juggling to comedy to dance. There was such a fun group of performers and crowd alike. We set up right in front of the venue across from fellow tinkerer and vegetable…

  • Sh’Bang Festival – Lookout Arts Quarry – Bellingham, WA

      What I like most about the Lookout Arts Center (AKA The Quarry) is that it’s an amazing gypsy camp of old buses, trailers, tents, and RVs. It is a constantly shifting community of nomads, performers, and tinkerers. Some people are owners and more consistent, while others are