Now Presenting… – Healdsburg, CA

The zone

Advertised as “a showcase of creativity and talents,” Now Presenting… brought people together to share their artwork, music, performance art, communal art, etc. On a solar-powered piece of property, we gathered for a day to learn, show, tell, perform, eat, drink, and be merry. There was a stage with live music, comedy, and more. Vendors were selling everything from crocheted bikinis to photography. And, of course, there was free (iced) tea.

As part of a community that supports Edna and I, it was awesome to have so many friendly Healdsburg folks around to share the day with. A friend, Robert, brought several gallons of some home-made sun tea, which we iced and people loved. We strung mine and Robert’s (matching) parachutes out from Edna to a flagpole to some trees and a swing to create a shaded area for people to relax in. It is great what creating a space can do for an event (or what it can do to create an event). Thanks to all the super supportive folks of Healdsburg and the surrounding area!

Iced tea and smiles

Edna looking nice

Get it while it's cold!

Solar Barn roof

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