Edna’s Birthday – Samoa, CA

Beach fire

Two years ago today, the first day of Spring, I bought this fabulous vehicle now known as Special Edna Lu, the tea bus. Wow, she really is spectacular. I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend. She really has shown me a lot of places. Granted, she has broke down here and there, but always it has worked out for the better. I can’t say how much I love this vehicle (in a non-attachment kind of way, you know).

Several of us met up out at the beach in Samoa. Hot tea in Edna turned into a blazing fire on the beach. We trekked down the beach with snacks, tea, musical instruments, and just a warm feeling of friendship. The ocean enticed us to go for a swim, and the fire and tea kept us warm. Ahh, it is so nice to have a fire on the beach, even if Edna couldn’t make it all the way down to enjoy it with us.


Mikey and Eghan


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