Food Not Bombs – Eureka, CA

Free food and tea

Food not Bombs is a world-wide group dedicated to providing free vegetarian food for anyone who is in need or want, while promoting the idea of peace. Each chapter is autonomous, as it is a non-hierarchical dis-organization. Usually, they serve food that would otherwise have gone to waste.

With such an obvious similarity to the Free Tea Party in regards to goals and actions, it is only logical that the two groups collaborate at some point in time. In fact, FNB has been a large inspiration and influence in the creation of the Free Tea Party. They’re food, and we’re tea. They’re free and so are we. They promote peace, as do we. They like to serve the people on the streets, we do the same. Etc. Etc. Etc.

It was a particularly rainy day, so we congregated under the gazebo in old town Eureka, eating stir-fry and soup, and sipping hot tea and fruit smoothies. An amazing group of late teens/early-twenty-somethings were making this happen. I felt a little old amongst this crowd, but this helped me appreciate the passion and idealism that many young folks had. It reminded me of me five years ago. They wanted to make a difference, and even though they (and I, for that matter) still have a lot to learn, they held their own when serving food, describing FNB to random inquirers, and maintaining a comfortable community atmosphere.

Sharing Tea

Old Town Eureka gazebo


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