Oregon Country Fair – Veneta, OR

Music is medicine (Elephant Revival, Shook Twins, Laura Goldhamer)

Preparing for OCF was three weeks of hard work. I spent pretty much every waking moment at the shop working on projects in the bus: closet, woodbox/table on wheels, kitchen drawers, cabinet doors, etc (more on these to come in their own blog entry).

Because I was going to serve tea they gave me a good spot right amongst entertainment camp. Hundreds of people walk by every day. I arrived two days early with Edna and some ridesharers so that we could set up with plenty of time. To make a long story short, well, I got sick. And I don’t just mean a little sniffle – I mean fever and chills, body and head aches, swollen glands and gums, etc. And I was sick the whole time.

An amazing thing happened though – other people made tea. Because the tea bus is known fairly widely, people stopped by all day and night. I’d be in bed and they’d put on some hot water, make themselves and their friends tea, and fill my pump top thermos for the next people to come in looking for tea. It was an on and off rotation of people who love the tea bus.

I was also fortunate to be surrounded by loving people. If I had to get sick, this was the best place. People shared advice, tinctures, oils, food, drink, and love. Also, White Bird Medical is free medical care at OCF (worth the $20 general admission just for this service). The Shook Twins, some of Elephant Revival, Laura Goldhamer and others also came by for a sweet little jam session to help make me feel better. Thanks especially to Peggy, Bridget, Evan, Matthew, Steph, and Bootstrap.

Sorry to OCF for not being able to serve tea to the public 🙁


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