Rideshare – Santa Rosa, CA to Friday Harbor, WA

Clowns and Pirates

Oh boy, what a journey. Working hard on the bus and and a desire to connect with island roots brought my friend Ali (above center right) and I to the conclusion that we should head north for the Islands’ Village Faire on San Juan Island. We swiftly convinced her dear friend Mandana (above center left) to join and we were off. The first stop, a pirate party in Santa Rosa, left us with a “arrgh”s and a good theme for the rest of the trip. Vests were a must and clown noses were flaunted.

Joining the trip was Roxy (above left) in Santa Rosa, Matthew in Eureka, and Pi in Wolf Creek Oregon – not to mention a couple hitch-hikers from Eureka to Arcata, and again from Eugene to Portland (one of whom I had drank tea with at the Anarchists Book Fair in San Francisco several months ago).

Rider Pi

Interesting times came our first night when we camped out at what we were informed was a “landshare” in Wolf Creek, OR. Arriving after dark we met Pi, our next ridesharer, who instantly made us at home with offerings of places to sleep and insight as to the status of the property. This landshare originally created as a space to hold gatherings of the Radical Faeries and friends, but has since evolved into a functional intentional community. The next morning brought delights such as breakfast in the huge communal kitchen barn, meeting some of the people who lived on the land, and a tour of the property. Highlights included the solar shower, garden, labyrinth, gingerbread outhouse, Al and his gyspy-wagon house on wheels, and Blossom with his loom and workshop. Check it out here.

Portland, OR welcomed us on the streets for tea parties. Hawthorne brought friends, new and old – two of my best friends from high school, a friend from college, a gal who i met in Berkeley and who gave me a wonderful knit cozy for a mason jar. We had a playing card magic show and a fellow who is known as the Mad Hatter because of his love for teas made let us brew up a pot of tea that he was carrying around with him. A new girl to town was given a list of resources she was interested in from experienced Portlanders.


In Seattle, Broadway was the street of choice. More good friends, Sarah (a fellow tea server), and randoms all showed their faces, but one of the highlights was George the Cat. A fixture of Broadway, this beefy cat is fed by almost everyone who is a regular on his block. His owner even came by and told us that he was willing to give him away to get him off of Broadway, as he was scared that he was going to get hit on his four block walk to and across busy Broadway. Although George refused the cooled tea that I offered him, he did have a certain affection for me.

Ahh, home, sweet home San Juan Island. Arriving the place I grew up since I was six was on of the most blissful experiences I’ve had in a while. Read about it on the next blog entry about the Islands’ Village Faire.

Solar Shower at Wolf Creek Sanctuary

Al and his sourdough starter

Al's Gypsy Truck


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