Spring Break with Common Vision

Tell us about your tea party and we'll post the best here on this blog!

As many of you know, I am taking some time away from Edna to be with some other buses. However, during this time Edna will be celebrating her 3rd rebirthday (she’s 22 years old in total, which is 44 in bus years). Three years ago on March 20th, the first day of Spring, I bought Edna with the intention of turning her into a mobile free tea house. Because I am not with her while she rests in the woods of Northern California, and therefore cannot celebrate with her, I am encouraging anyone and everyone to host a free tea party in her honor. Invite friends and strangers alike. Do it on your front porch. Do it in the park. Do it on the bus. Do it in your office. Do it anywhere and everywhere!

THEN, write in your experiences to me and I’ll post the best stories right here on the blog. Fun!

I’ll be doing it on the Common Vision Buses!

Currently I am traveling with Common Vision, a non-profit that works with kids planting fruit trees and performing a green theater at schools throughout California. Our mode of travel? The world’s largest recycled vegetable-oil-powered caravan. Buses, trucks, and a car – all on veggie. I am producing a web series called Fruit Tree TV under the guise of Awaketrain, the non-profit that my friend Owen and I started a few years back. Click the links to enjoy.

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