Spring Update – Headed to Colorado!

Edna at the Farmers' Market  in Boulder, Colorado in 2012.

Edna at the Farmers’ Market in Boulder, Colorado in 2012.

It’s been a while folks. I’ve been head down, writing the Tea Bus Factory Service Manual, as well as traveling without Edna for the past few months visiting friends and family out west for weddings, births, birthdays, and more. I reunited with my partner, Ally, in Nevada City, where I write to you from now. On Sunday, we get on a train back to Edna in Arkansas, where we prepare for a few-week journey from AR to OK, KS, and finally CO. We hope to see you along the way!

This summer’s plan: Head to Colorado! I’m looking forward to serving tea, seeing old friends, and making some new ones. And I’m looking for recommendations!

First of all, I want to know where we should visit, whom we should see, and where we should serve tea.

Second, I am looking for a place to call home base for the summer in Colorado. Where can Edna, myself, and Ally plug into that wants good company, a handy man, and a community organizer?

Thirdly, I am looking for a good project or two to plug into for a month or two. I would love to help fix or build anything, especially if it has to do with small-scale, mobile, off-grid, low-cost, DIY, eco-friendly, and reclaimed projects. While I am open to some alternative compensation (gifting, work-trade, pay-it-forward, etc.), I am ultimately hoping to find some paid work. To see what kind of work I do, check out my latest big project: http://freeteaparty.org/blog/front-street-grocers-thomas-wv/

For the right project, I would be willing to be anywhere in CO (and perhaps WY, UT, or NM).

Check out my Craig’s List ad for more details!

Contact me here to be in touch!

I hope to see you along the way!
Guisepi (and Edna Lu, the Free Tea Bus)

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