Vaudevillingham – Bellingham, WA


Edna Lu the Tea Bus and Kurly Fries

What a great last event to do in Bellingham. Hosted monthly at the CirqueLab, this event brings out the best of variety entertainment from juggling to comedy to dance. There was such a fun group of performers and crowd alike. We set up right in front of the venue across from fellow tinkerer and vegetable oil aficionado, River, and his Kurly Fries cart made from salvaged materials (reminiscent of the tea bus).

IMG_7743_2One highlight of the evening was when a woman brought out a sign she made after she ran across the tea bus at the Sh’Bang Festival six months ago. The sign designated a free tea station there at the CirqueLab. So awesome!

As per usual, I missed most of the show, but ended up catching a few great and hilarious acts. This event is a must see if you’re ever in Bellingham on the 15th of any month.

Some good folks came out who became good friends during the short time I was in Bellingham. They brought wonderful smiles and farewells. Thanks for everything Bellingham.

We spent the next couple days at the Lookout Arts Quarry regaining our strength!

I know, he's ugly, but we serve tea to anyone.

I know, he’s ugly, but we serve tea to anyone.


Good Peeps!


Edna and Freddi (the horse trailer) are reunited at the Lookout Arts Quarry.



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