Green Festival 2008

Beautiful People

A trip to San Francisco, CA to volunteer at and attend the Green Festival became laden with adventures. Everything from free pretzels to free bread to a free sequin studded jacket came our way. We served all over SF including at a dinner party, a Common Vision fundraiser, and the Goddess Alchemy Project CD release party. Author Daniel Pinchbeck joined us for a few hours one evening.

The tea party pictured above (Common Vision fundraiser) was perhaps one of the most beautiful tea parties yet. For the longest time I enjoyed serving tea randomly on the street, at parks, at the beach, as these were the kind of places where you get the most randomness to your tea sippers. I appreciated the connection made amongst strangers, especially amongst strangers who were very different, and so for years I never served at festivals or other events where like-minded people converged. However, along the way somewhere (I think it was Summer Meltdown 2007) I started to serve at events and the outcome was just as beautiful as before, just in a different way. What happened was that all these like-minded people began to connect. They began to take each other’s phone numbers, websites, and email addresses. They began discussing projects and ideas on a deeper level than before because they were already on the same level. They didn’t need to take the time to wade through differences in order to connect. It was amazing.

This is how this tea party was. A lot of people were on the same page. The real human connections that were made on the bus were incredible. Hugs were given to and from strangers. This was one of those tea parties that refreshes and re-energizes me to do more…

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