Tuesday Tea

Guisepi, Salvation, Sunflower, and a Random

Every Tuesday for the past two months Edna and I have been serving tea on the Arcata Plaza. It has been great to have regular tea-sippers again. It was three years ago this month that I started serving tea on Hollywood Blvd. During those initial three months of tea parties, I had many regulars – shopkeepers, music students, homeless kids, artists. It feels great to again have these people that act as a golden thread, winding continuity and stability from each Tuesday to the next. So this post is for those people. You know who you are.

I have also been very appreciative to those who have donated goods, services, and money to the Free Tea Party. I have been blown away at the generosity of homeless people who give a dollar, or the tea and supplies from random people and our sponsors, or the ridesharer who gave well over one hundred dollars. It has struck me how beautiful people are in their compassion and desire to further the tea bus. So this post is also to you – all of you who have reciprocated the tea back to Edna and I, and to others on your journeys.

Thank You!

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