STEM – Our New Shop – Orcas Island, WA

Edna in STEM

Finally we’re here! My friend Matthew has offered up part of his shop here on Orcas Island. The plan is to get as much done on Edna as humanly possible in the next few months. The interior remodel is to include benches, kitchen, closet, drawers, cabinets, fold down desk, wood stove, sink with running water, etc. I am also going to try to get some of the WVO system installed, as well as the solar system, and a little but of other exterior work as well. The trick here with the remodel is to use as much salvaged, recycled, and environmentally friendly parts, pieces, wood, material and hardware.

I feel overwhelmed with the amount there is to do, but one thing at a time, right? For now I am collecting building materials, drawing up plans, figuring out the tool situation (there’s lots here at the shop!), organizing what I do have, and getting settled in.

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